3 things no one tells you about Ontario’s long-term care system

Karen Cumming, Radio and Television Arts ’84
A longtime reporter and producer, Karen Cumming, Radio and Television Arts ’84, is now a freelance journalist, health promoter, and teacher on a mission to help families navigate Ontario’s long-term care system with as little stress and frustration as possible.

Guiding our elderly parents into the final stage of their lives: it’s one of the defining issues of our baby boom generation. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, there’s a good chance you’re going through this experience yourself right now, or you know someone who is. The turmoil that the long-term care system is currently in makes it all the more important that you become proactive and prepared.

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Your 5 step guide to meal time battles

Stefania Palmeri
Stefania Palmeri is a registered dietitian who works in corporate health care, outpatient hospital programs and private practice. She is a graduate of the Nutrition and Food Program as well as the Nutrition Communication Post-Graduate Program through The Faculty of Community Services (School of Nutrition).

You’ve been there before: gawking at the neighbour’s child devouring kale power bowls while your child, instead, screams at vegetables, but readily eats an old cheese puff from behind the couch. In desperation, you Google “picky eater nutrition” which reveals 1.4 million hits — not helping. Down the rabbit hole you go, looking at recipes to sneak in vegetables or bake beans into brownies. As a pediatric dietitian who has worked with her fair share of picky eaters, let me reassure you that there are larger things you can focus on as a parent to set your child up for nutritional success. Continue reading “Your 5 step guide to meal time battles”

5 things I learned about the psychology of leadership

Amanda Cupido
Amanda Cupido (Journalism ’12, MPS, Psychology of Leadership) is a communications advisor for World Vision International, the Innovator in Residence for podcasting at the Toronto Public Library and a journalism instructor at Seneca College. She is also the author of Let’s Talk Podcasting. Amanda sits on the Ryerson University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.

I recently graduated with a Master of Professional Studies in the Psychology of Leadership from Pennsylvania State University. I spent five years plugging away at the degree, but I enjoyed every minute of it; I found the course material fascinating. Here are some of my biggest takeaways.

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How to negotiate salary

Jennifer Narayan
Jennifer Narayan (Business Management ’10) is a Career Coach, Executive Recruiter and the founder of CareerRealTalk.

Salary negotiation can be a big — and intimidating! — part of the job hunt process. Did you recently receive a job offer, but aren’t sure if the salary is competitive enough? Or are you still interviewing and clam up when asked: “What is your current salary, and what are you looking to make?” Either way, this blog will provide you with the tips you need for successful salary negotiation.

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How to handle risk management in real estate investing

Ron Alphonso
Ron Alphonso (Retail Management ’81, Business Management ’84, MBA ’09) is a Toronto-based mortgage specialist. He can be found at mortgagebrokerstore.com and on twitter @brokerstore.

I have nearly 40 years of experience in real estate, handling many different types of residential transactions. I have bought and sold properties and own rental income properties, but most of my investments are in the area of mortgages. My company is a niche mortgage brokerage that specializes in high ratio loans, stopping evictions from power of sale and foreclosure, and real estate litigation. Continue reading “How to handle risk management in real estate investing”

You graduated, now what?

Kelsey Muir, Early Childhood Studies ’16
Kelsey Muir (Early Childhood Studies ’13) is a Communications Officer at Aecom. She is also a member of the Digital Content Committee on the Ryerson University Alumni Association Board of Directors where she shares her expertise in social media and storytelling.

You graduated, now what?

You did it! Now that you’ve graduated, let’s celebrate your new alumni status and the perks of being a part of the Ramily.

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Tips for a great first impression

Monika Monga (Business Management ’00; Human Resources Management MA) is an HR professional who has worked in both the public and private sector where she gained experience in recruitment.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s a phrase attributed to Will Rogers that certainly still rings true. First impressions are critical in the business world.

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All Roads Lead to Ryerson: A Reflection of my University Experience

Jesica Cuaresma
Jesica Cuaresma is a soon-to-be graduate of Ryerson’s Business Management program. With a background in the arts — specifically visual arts and musical theatre, she hopes to integrate her creativity, along with her knowledge of marketing within the business world. Her passions include travel, fashion, photography and music.

I wish I could’ve been there for my 18-year-old self — an overwhelmed senior in high school who was flustered by all of the ‘crucial’ and ‘timely’ decisions she had to make — to let myself know that it’s okay not to know.

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The importance of mindfulness

Kristina Flynn
Kristina Flynn @flynnkristina is a social Entrepreneur passionate about tech, social impact and sports, on a mission to bring hope & visibility to marginalized communities. She is the CEO & Co-founder jiiWA which is a company incubated at Ryerson’s Social Venture’s Zone.

Let’s be serious; the life of a social entrepreneur is not for everyone. The stresses are high, the expectations even higher. Most days you’re walking in quicksand instead of sprinting towards the mission like you always imagined.

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A step-by-step guide to remote work

Stephanie Veltmann, Fashion Communication and Design ’09
Stephanie Veltmann (Fashion Communication and Design ’09) is a brand strategist, designer and principal of Bare Brand, a strategic creative agency. Stephanie is also the President of the Ryerson University Alumni Association Board of Directors.

I began working as a graphic designer in 2009, having recently graduated from Ryerson. This was not my first foray into an office environment but with school behind me, working a full week in the same four walls changed my perspective. It soon wasn’t hard to notice productivity slipping to office distractions and courteous chit-chat, not to mention the tremendous cost to operate a physical space. This led me to realize remote work was the way of the future — to me it was an easy, simple solution.

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