Redefining success: The work-life harmony series

Redefining success: The work-life harmony series
Gori Bhullar
​​Gori Bhullar, Law and Business ’13, is a seasoned management consultant with a specialization in understanding human behaviour in the workplace. She has spearheaded transformative people and culture initiatives for several organizations. Currently, Gori works in the financial services industry in Toronto, Canada, where she leads strategic people & culture efforts for more than 60,000 employees across North America. Her commitment to fostering talent is her hallmark, making her a standout figure in her field. Stay tuned for her insights in this series.

Say goodbye to the age-old concept of work-life balance; it’s time to embrace a new perspective — work-life harmony. This fresh framework acknowledges that our lives extend far beyond our work roles, encompassing a rich tapestry of dimensions that interconnect and support our careers.

Over the next seven months, join us in this exciting mini-series where we delve into the seven dimensions that define and shape our lives. Discover how a holistic approach to channeling your energy into what truly matters can empower both your career and your life, especially as the world around you evolves.

Work-Life Harmony

Excited? Then, let’s delve into the first dimension, Learn, to discover how it plays a crucial role in our personal and professional lives.

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